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Financial Litigation

Unfortunately, as the population ages and technology increases, consumers are becoming more vulnerable to financial fraud and other unscrupulous schemes. The elderly, especially, often become victims in these types of cases. At The Brandi Law Firm, our lawyers have tried cases involving dishonest banking practices involving automatic deposit of benefits and higher bank fees for the disabled or elderly. Often, a family member with a power of attorney is acting inappropriately in the transfer of funds or property to themselves and taking advantage of the trust placed in them. There are many financial schemes which consumers can also fall prey to: the sale of annuities or life insurance, reverse mortgages, investment opportunities that are not legitimate, identity theft, or misleading telephone sales calls.

At The Brandi Law Firm, we will fight for justice for consumers involved in financial fraud. We believe that no one should be subjected to fraudulent practices or should lose hard-earned money due to deceptive practices. We have the skill and know-how needed to explain to the jury how the fraud occurred and the harmful results to the consumer.