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Did Your Crash Happen On A Dangerous Road?

The attorneys at The Brandi Law Firm have successfully secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients injured as a result of defectively designed and improperly maintained roads, intersections, highways, and roadway safety equipment.

Defective roadway design cases can involve almost any element of a street, highway, or freeway, including:

  • Signs
  • Lights
  • Barriers
  • Medians
  • Lane markers
  • Intersections
  • Exit ramps
  • Shoulders

Usual Vs. Hard-To-Find Sources Of Compensation For Our Clients

Many personal injury attorneys will pursue a claim against an insurance company when their client is injured in an auto accident. However, as is the case with defective auto parts, the environment in which the accident took place must be examined and investigated.

A defect in roadway design or the absence or failure of roadway safety equipment can cause accidents. We examine the entire accident for all possible avenues of causation and liability.

Our Firm Includes A Former DMV Lawyer. Let Us Evaluate Your Case.

Attorney Thomas Brandi has extensive experience with roadway design defect cases as a former lawyer for the California Department of Transportation. That experience has allowed for the creation of a law firm with a reputation of readiness to handle these difficult lawsuits through trial.

To discuss your accident with attorney Brandi or another one of our talented plaintiffs’ attorneys, call our San Francisco law offices at 888-309-1224 or send an email inquiry.