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When Bicycle Defects Cause Accidents

Many parts of a bike and protective rider equipment can fail and subject the rider to injury or to a worsening of injuries that otherwise occur. Weakness of the metal frame can cause a fracture of the frame or its components. A defective tire may deflate or blow out, causing the bike and its rider to suddenly veer off the roadway. A broken pedal can cause the bicyclist to fall or be thrown from the bicycle.

Bicycle equipment can also be defective: ranging from a helmet that is improperly fitted and fails to protect the rider as promised during a crash to some failure of bicycle shoes and pedal clips either in their function or their fit. A rider can also be injured if a recommended bike is the wrong size or wrong for the type of intended riding or for the skill level of the rider.

Work With Knowledgeable Attorneys After An Injury

The lawyers at The Brandi Law Firm are experienced advocates for bicyclists in cases involving defective bikes or related equipment. We understand the mechanics of a bicycle accident and the critical role both the bike and the protective gear play in preventing or lessening your injuries.

We have access to the best experts in the fields of metallurgy, product design, biomechanics, warnings, and accident reconstruction. Expert witnesses can explain to a jury on your behalf exactly what failed, why it did, why it should not have, and why your injuries occurred.

We Can Evaluate Your Product Liability Claim

The Brandi Law Firm‘s lawyers have a proven track record in taking on product liability cases. We hold manufacturers of bicycles and their components responsible to ensure that our clients receive full and fair compensation for their injuries.

To request a free case review after a bicycle accident, contact us at 888-309-1224 or via email.