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Dealing With The Police After A Bicycle Accident

Sadly, it has become common for investigating police officers to start their investigation of a bicycle incident with a bias against the bicyclist. Keeping a cool head after an incident is essential to establishing the evidence and creating an accurate record.

At The Brandi Law Firm in San Francisco, our attorneys have gained insights while working on many injured bicyclists’ claims and lawsuits. See our suggestions below when the police arrive or if they contact you after an accident.

Protect Your Best Interests When Interacting With First Responders

We have come up with some suggestions on how to deal with the police after an incident, as follows:

1. Wait for the police, even if you don’t believe you are injured. Creating a record of the incident is essential, and adrenaline often masks what may become serious injuries.

2. Engage with the police in a polite manner and provide your statement. Hostility towards a police officer makes them not want to help. In your statement, make sure to provide as much detail as you can recall. However, do not discuss fault. Just stick to observable facts.

3. When you make factual statements about what happened, use landmarks for reference, for example: “I had just passed that bus stop when the car made its left turn in front of me.”

4. If there is any evidence that you believe contributed to the incident, like a roadway feature, make sure to mention it to the police officer.

5. Get the report number from the officer to order a copy of it when it is completed.

Know Your Legal Rights

As soon as possible after a bicycle accident – at the scene, in the hospital or at home – contact a personal injury attorney to learn how to file an injury claim or lawsuit. If we represent you, we will conduct a detailed investigation and educate you about the law while preparing to file an injury claim or lawsuit on your behalf.

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