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3 kinds of traumatic injuries caused by auto accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | Car Accident

There are many ways auto accidents happen. Bad weather can cause vehicles to collide. A driver might be drunk, drowsy or distracted and crash into another vehicle. Or, a driver may be inexperienced and cause a fatal accident. 

Many victims of auto accidents suffer from cuts and bruises. However, some can experience traumatic, life-changing injuries. Here are a few examples of traumatic injuries:


One of the most common traumatic injuries is a concussion. A concussion is caused when the head is hit by an object, which can lead to confusion, memory loss, sensory impairment and, in some cases, unconsciousness. Many people suffer from concussions after a slip-and-fall accident or sports injuries. Concussions from car accidents are often caused when a driver hits their head on a door or steering wheel. 

Internal bleeding

A blow or strike to the body may only appear to cause a bruise. However, the injury could have caused damage to organs, which can lead to internal bleeding. Internal bleeding is often hard to diagnose and is life-threatening. Some signs of internal bleeding include weakness, sudden headaches and pain.


The spine is an important part of the body that sends and receives signals to and from the brain to move and sense the limbs. An auto accident could cause damage to the spine and disrupt these signals. As a result, a victim could suffer from paralysis. Paralysis is the inability to move or feel the limbs. There are several types of paralysis. Some people may not be able to feel a single limb and others may lose feeling from their neck down. 

It is often important to understand the impact and implications of an injury after an auto accident. A victim may need to understand their legal options to get full coverage for their medical bills, lost wages, vehicle repairs and losses.