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Why are potholes so dangerous for drivers? 

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Dangerous Road Condition

The volume of traffic on California roads has increased over the years while at the same time cities, counties and the State have less funds to monitor and repair roadways.. 

One type of damage that’s likely to occur is potholes. These are holes in the road that can vary in size. Smooth roadways are very important in terms of driver and bicycle safety, and potholes can result in serious collisions. 

Outlined below are some reasons why potholes are so dangerous

They can cause drivers to panic 

Road users and bicyclists often travel at night.  That means that potholes are extremely difficult to see. Traveling over a pothole at high speeds can feel like the car has hit something like an animal because there tends to be a loud thud. This can result in a driver panicking and potentially losing control of the vehicle. A panicked diver or bicyclist is a dangerous driver and they are much more likely to cause a collision. 

Potholes can damage the vehicle 

Another dangerous aspect of potholes is that they have the potential to damage the car. At high speeds, a pothole can result in a tire blowout. This is where a tire suddenly deflates. In such a situation, it’s difficult for the driver to stay in control of the vehicle. They could swerve off of the road or into the path of another vehicle. 

If you were injured on a public roadway that was lacking maintenance, you may be able to hold the responsible authority to account. Seek legal guidance to find out what options are available to you.