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Examples of poor road designs

On Behalf of | May 7, 2024 | Personal Injury

Poor road designs can directly lead to car accidents. Another driver may also be responsible, in that they made a mistake. But the road design itself could be what caused that mistake initially.

So what does a poor road design look like? There are many different examples and every situation is unique, but below are three to start with

Not designed for pedestrians 

First off, many roads are designed only for cars, and they pay no attention to cyclists or pedestrians. These people may have limited crossing opportunities and multi-lane traffic to contend with, for example. Designs that are unsafe for pedestrians lead to fatal accidents every year.

Designed for higher speeds

Another road design flaw is when the road appears to be designed for a higher speed than the actual speed limit that has been put in place. Studies have found that many drivers will adjust their speed based on the flow of traffic and how fast they feel they can drive safely, regardless of what the speed limit is. So drivers on a relatively empty four-lane road may be more likely to break the speed limit because of the design.

Limited visibility 

Finally, some road designs significantly limit visibility. This is especially a problem if it’s an intersection where drivers can’t see if cross traffic is approaching. This leads to drivers cutting each other off or making turns at the wrong time.

Do you believe that you have suffered injuries in an accident caused by a poor road design? Be sure you know about all of your options to seek compensation.