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Muni Derailments and Accidents on the Rise

| Jan 24, 2011 | MUNI and Public Transit

The San Francisco MUNI system is a public railway depended on by thousands of people every day.  MUNI is an essential part of San Francisco, but lack of funding has caused recent problems:

“In less than a week, five trains derailed at a Muni storage facility, a development operators say is due to a lack of investment, raising concerns about potential injuries and damage.”

-San Francisco Examiner

In fact, in early 2011, San Francisco Supervisors approved almost $2.5 million in City settlements to those injured on MUNI buses, light railway cars, and cable cars.  Click here to read the article from ABC reporter Dan Noyes.

The Brandi Law Firm represented some of these persons wh0 were injured by MUNI.

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