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Drug Recalls Hit All Time High

| Apr 12, 2011 | Drug and Medical Device Litigation

There is good news and bad news in the statement “Drug Recalls Hit all Time high in 2009”

The fact that this occurred reflects some vigilance in protecting consumers and an absolute failure by companies to produce safe products.

As CNN Money reports, the number of recalls hit 1,742 in 2009–that’s an increase of 309 percent over 2008. While most of the recalls came from a now shut down drug repackager, separating those out still results in an over 50% increase over 2008. According to Bowman Cox, managing editor of the Gold Sheet, a trade pub that analyzes FDA data. “If we continue at this same rate, we could get 600 or more recalls by the end of the year,” he adds. “That’s still a very high rate of recalls.”

In their zeal to be first to market and obtain the biggest market share, some companies have clearly taken shortcuts on manufacturing controls, labeling, and poor packaging at the expense of consumer safety. Would this be happening if companies truly emphasized safety as they claim?  It is way past time for the truth to match the rhetoric.

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The FDA has released a mobile phone app to track recalls, which can be downloaded here.  While the access to recall information is a positive thing, does the need for a mobile phone app indicate that there are just too many recalls?
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