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BMW Recalls 573,935 Vehicles Due to a Passenger Side Air Bag Defect

| Jul 23, 2014 | Automobile Defects

BMW will recall 573,935 sedans, coupes, convertibles and Sports Wagons due to a defect in the passenger side air bag.  This is an expansion of BMW’s earlier recall back in April 2013.  The problem is to address a safety defect in the passenger side frontal air bag inflator.  The issue is the inflator may release excessive internal pressure that could cause the air bag inflator to rupture upon deployment of the air bag. In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the passenger’s frontal air bag, excessive internal pressure could cause rupturing of the inflator resulting in metal fragments striking and potentially seriously injuring the passenger seat occupant or other occupants.

The vehicles involves in this recall include:

Model Year/Model                                                 Inclusive Dates of Manufacture

2000 – 2005 / 3 Series Sedan                                      Jun 1999 – Aug 2005

2000 – 2006 / 3 Series Coupe                                     Jun 1999 – Aug 2006

2000 – 2005 / 3 Series Sports Wagon                       Jan 2000 – Aug 2005

2000 – 2006 / 3 Series Convertible                           Dec 1999 – Aug 2006

2001 – 2006 / M3 Coupe                                              Feb 2001 – May 2006

2001 – 2006 / M3 Convertible                                    Mar 2001 – Aug 2006

Parts are currently not available to fix the defect.  BMW will notify owners, and dealers will replace the passenger side frontal air bag, free of charge. An interim notice will be mailed to owners in August 2014.  A second notice will be mailed when an adequate supply of parts is available, currently anticipated to be in October 2014.  Owners may contact BMW customer service at 800-525-7417 or email BMW at [email protected].

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