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What Do I Do If I’ve Been Hit by a Car at an Intersection?

| Apr 7, 2018 | Personal Injury

Let’s say you’re on a walk and decide to cross an intersection using the nearest crosswalk. Suddenly, an impatient driver decides they don’t want to wait for the light and rushes to cross, hitting you in the process. Victims of these pedestrian accidents usually sustain injuries ranging from mild scrapes to broken bones and in serious accidents, even wrongful death.  A pedestrian who has been struck by a vehicle at an intersection could be compensated for the cost of their injuries, including pain and suffering damages. The most common question on peoples’ minds, however, is who will be found liable for the intersection accident?

When you’ve been struck by a car and sustain injury, try not to move too much. You could cause your injuries to worsen. If possible, call and wait for medical help from emergency responders. EMS will provide initial emergency treatment before transporting you to the nearest hospital. EMS will also record your injuries. Police officers who assist victims of the accident will write a report about the event as well. These records have essential information that will help you when filing a pedestrian accident claim with an experienced attorney. If possible, you should also try and collect the other driver’s information, including the contact information of their insurance company.

Most accidents that occur at intersections happen due to someone else’s negligence. This means the responsible party acted in a careless or negligent manner. To prove that the driver acted negligently and as a result caused the pedestrian-car accident, the pedestrian will have to prove:

  1. The driver was required to act in a careful manner. In this case, any person operating a motor vehicle is required to be alert and careful regarding the constantly changing traffic around them to avoid an accident.
  2. Instead of being careful, the driver acted in a negligent or careless manner and as a result, caused an accident. An example of this would be speeding up to beat the light at an intersection, rather than just adhering to the speed limit and waiting for the opportunity to cross.
  3. The accident resulted in the pedestrian’s injuries.
  4. The pedestrian’s injuries can be compensated with monetary value.

When you decide to file a pedestrian accident claim, reach out to the attorneys at the Brandi Law Firm. Working with our lawyers who have trial experience could be essential to your case. Insurance companies know that we will work to get a full recovery for our clients.