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Broken bones from head to foot are common in car crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Car Accident, Personal Injury

Vehicle crashes are often the cause of orthopedic injuries, and the location of a fracture or dislocation depends on your position upon impact.

What are the most common orthopedic injuries resulting from a collision, and what happens next?

Broken bones

Bone fractures of the extremities are common after a vehicle crash. A broken wrist is the most common fracture and the pain from this kind of break is immediate. However, if you break your foot, ankle or leg, you may not realize what has happened for a while if you are sitting or lying down following the accident.


During a vehicle crash, the force of an impact can dislocate a joint. The most common injury areas are the shoulder and elbow. However, other areas prone to dislocation include the knee, foot and ankle as well as the spine, hip and even fingers.

Head fractures

. A skull fracture can exert pressure on the brain, which usually requires surgery. Damage to the brain stem is especially serious and can be life-threatening. Often these fractures are not immediately appreciated.

Next steps

Paramedics called to the scene of a crash will often care for a fracture at the site, which will require a follow-up with your doctor. However, you should seek prompt medical care for any injury. If you are the victim of a vehicle crash, you have a right to expect a fair settlement to cover your current and future medical expenses, lost wages and more. While you focus on recovering from your fracture or dislocation, your advocate can negotiate maximum compensation on your behalf.