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2 reasons rural roads are more dangerous

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Car Accident

Studies generally suggest that rural roads have higher risks of fatal accidents than urban streets. Of course, fatalities and serious accidents happen in both locations. But there are far more people living in urban areas and far less driving happening on rural roads. This makes the fatal accident rate much higher in rural areas, even if the total accidents are roughly split between the two.

But why is this? Below are two reasons why rural roads have such a high degree of risk.

1. Higher speed limits

One of the main things that determines if an accident will be fatal or not is just how fast the car is traveling. A fatality is far less likely at 25 mph than it is at 55 mph.

As such, the higher speed limits in rural areas can be a problem. Even drivers who are following the speed limit are more likely to have severe injuries. Plus, if a driver decides to break the speed limit, that just compounds the issue. A driver in the city who is breaking the speed limit may still be going slower than someone who is following the speed limit on a rural road – and much slower than someone who is speeding.

Distance to the hospital

Next, there is often limited medical care in rural areas. Ambulances cannot respond as quickly and it may take time for paramedics to be on the scene. Injured people need to be transported to a hospital for treatment. Even a delay of a few minutes can be deadly when it comes to critical medical care after a severe motor vehicle accident.

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