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The evolving face of auto tech and distracted driving

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2024 | Car Accident

Distracted driving remains a major concern in all U.S. regions, causing countless accidents and claiming innocent lives each year. While texting and driving make headlines, new trends and technological advancements present fresh challenges to driver safety.

Loading a vehicle with the latest tech may seem like a good safety move, but sometimes the opposite is the truth. Those slick new features can distract drivers long enough to cause a serious motor vehicle accident.

Here are some trending advanced auto technologies that contribute to distracted driving accidents.

In-car infotainment systems

While these systems have been available for several years, they are becoming increasingly complex. Current systems offer navigation, music and hands-free calling options, to name just a few.

However, their intricate interfaces can be incredibly distracting, drawing attention from the road while adjusting settings and features.

Smartphone mirroring and integration

Technologies like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrate smartphones with in-car systems, blurring the lines between illegal phone use and legal system interaction.

Their use can lead to increased phone manipulation, even with hands-free functions, frustrating drivers, another possible distraction.

Social media and in-car camera use

The rise of social media and cell phone cameras adds another layer of danger. Drivers may be tempted to record videos and photos or check social media notifications, taking their eyes and focus off the road.

Many influencers and social media enthusiasts even record and publish videos while operating a vehicle.

As fellow Californians, we urge all drivers to prioritize safety and watch out for others who may not be as safety-conscious. Discuss your accident claim with a legal representative to maximize your compensation after suffering injuries at the hands of a distracted driver.