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3 factors that increase pedestrian crash risk and severity

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Car Accident

Anytime a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the injuries that result could be severe. Even at low speeds, a vehicle striking a pedestrian could knock them to the ground or throw them into traffic, leading to secondary collisions.

In a large percentage of pedestrian collisions, the person operating the motor vehicle is the party to blame for the incident. They may need to provide insurance coverage to the injured pedestrian or could be at risk of a lawsuit if the incident leads to major injuries. Those financial protections can be cold comfort to someone struggling with debilitating symptoms after a pedestrian collision.

Thankfully, there are some factors that are within the control of pedestrians that may influence their chance of experiencing a pedestrian crash or the severity of any injuries they may develop in the event that one occurs.

What factors play a major role in pedestrian crash cases?

The local speed limit

One of the most important factors regarding the severity of a pedestrian crash is what speed limit applies to nearby traffic. The faster that vehicles travel, the more likely they are to cause severe injury or death. People who regularly walk or jog on public roads may benefit from selecting routes that have lower speed limits.

Alcohol impairment

According to an analysis of pedestrian crash reports conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 49% of all reported pedestrian crashes involve a driver or a pedestrian under the influence of alcohol. Some of those collisions occur because both the driver and the person walking had elevated blood alcohol levels. Pedestrians who are under the influence may fail to properly monitor their surroundings and could be at elevated risk of a pedestrian collision.

Mobile device distraction

Most people know that distracted driving is very dangerous. Distracted drivers could very easily cause a crash that injures a pedestrian. However, walking while talking on the phone, sending text messages or posting on social media can be equally dangerous. Pedestrians paying attention to their phones may fail to properly monitor their surroundings and could end up involved in tragic, preventable collisions.

Pedestrians who are aware of what factors put them at increased risk of an incident with a motor vehicle can both better protect themselves and better stand up for themselves after a crash occurs.