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Representing Pedestrians With Injuries

Pedestrians are the least protected commuters on the road. People’s bodies are no match for vehicles. Injuries to pedestrians are often serious, catastrophic or fatal.

Often, drivers fail to see pedestrians even in marked crosswalks and other areas where they are to be expected. The key to successfully representing pedestrians and their families in lawsuits is to use experts and other resources to recreate the incident and show that the pedestrian was not at fault.

Obtaining Compensation

Suffering through the aftermath of a pedestrian accident can be lengthy, and worrying about medical costs, lost wages and other costs should not be a burden that you carry without legal counsel to support you.

The attorneys at The Brandi Law Firm are committed to representing your case to the fullest extent. We will work to ensure that you and your family will be taken care of and you can focus on your recovery.

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