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British Study Finds 49% of DePuy ASR Hips Fail At 6 Years

| May 13, 2011 | DePuy Hip Replacement

The more attention that is paid to the DePuy metal on metal replacement hips, the more it seems that the problem is bigger than anyone thinks.  Initially, the projected rates of failure of the DePuy ASR was in the realm of about 12-13%.  (DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuit).  In fact, at one point DePuy claimed on its website that this number was accurate.

But independent physician group studies paint a different picture.  In January 2011, a study in Ireland determined that almost half of those that received replacement hips are anticipated to need their hip replaced earlier than expected.  48% of Irish DePuy Patients Need to Replace Their DePuy Hip.

In March 2011, a study published by the British Orthopaedic Association published a study that essentially had the same conclusion:

“The presented results show a higher than anticipated early failure rate. These range from 21% revision rate at 4 years (potentially rising to 35% if all currently known painful implants progress to revision) to 49% at 6 years for the ASR XL device.”

Click here to read the entire British Orthopaedic Association Study.

These studies leave us wondering what DePuy knew, when did they know, and why did it take so long to have this product recalled from the market.

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