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Actos Recalls in France and Germany:

| Jun 13, 2012 | Actos Diabetes Drug

Although ACTOS is still being sold in the US, two leading European countries stopped sales of the drug.  A June 2011 European clinical study by the French National Health Insurance plan found a statistically significant risk of bladder cancer among 1.5 million diabetic patients taking Actos, with the risk increasing for periods of treatment longer than one year.  A study by the French Medicines Agency found a 22 percent higher risk of bladder cancer in approximately 155,000 patients taking Actos from 2006 to 2009, compared to 1.3 million patients not taking the drug.  The French Agency for the Safety of Health Products ordered an Actos recall in June 2011 in response.  The German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices followed shortly thereafter by advising physicians not to prescribe Actos to diabetic patients.

Actos Has Been Linked To Increased Risk of Developing Bladder Cancer


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