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DePuy Predicts 40% Failure of ASR Hip Implant

| Jan 29, 2013 | DePuy Hip Replacement

An internal investigation conducted by DePuy owner Johnson & Johnson shortly after it recalled the DePuy ASR implant has produced troubling results.  J&J estimates that nearly 40% of patients with the recalled hip will need it replaced within 5 years.

About 1/3 of the 93,000 recipients of the DePuy ASR reside in the United States and almost 10,000 have brought suit against DePuy, Johnson & Johnson, and other related entities to recover damages for injuries caused by the defective hip.  These figures are staggering, and if accurate about 37,000 people worldwide will need their DePuy ASR Hip to be prematurely removed and replaced, which means another surgery and another recovery.

A recent New York Times article discussed these figures as well as the first case that is in trial in Los Angeles concerning the implant.  Click here to read the entire article:  Maker Aware of 40% Failure in Hip Litigation

In related news, Johnson & Johnson took a $3 billion quarterly charge which is largely due to the recall of the DePuy ASR and the related legal costs.  Click here to read the entire article:  Johnson Takes $3 Billion Hit on Hip Recall

Depuy ASR Hip Replacement Linked To Metal Toxicity and Additional Surgery


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