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PG&E Indicted on 12 Criminal Charges

| Apr 17, 2014 | PG&E San Bruno Fire

At 6:11 p.m., of September 9, 2010, the lives of many residents of San Bruno living along PG&E Line 132 changed forever as an incomplete seam weld that was never inspected since installation in 1956, experienced a power outage at Line 132’s southern terminus in Milpitas causing a pressure surge on the pipe.  This pressure surge ruptured the line at Earl Avenue and Glenview Drive in San Bruno, sparking a fireball that killed eight people, injuring countless others, and destroying 38 homes.

Now, in what many residents feel is long overdue, PG&E has been indicted in 12 criminal charges stemming from this event.

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The indictment states that the utility repeatedly violated the Federal Pipeline Safety Act which mandates that operators maintain accurate records about their gas pipes identify risks to lines and inspect or test when pipe pressures exceed the legal maximum.  PG&E failed to do this with Line 132 in San Bruno and many other gas pipelines in Northern and Central California.

PG&E has been indicted on counts of failing to maintain proper records on its system of more than 6,000 miles of gas-transmission lines in Northern and Central California, over-pressurization incidents that have plagued PG&E for many years, and failing to identify risks to its pipelines and develop plans to deal with them

PG&E’s stubborn refusal to take adequate steps to ensure the public safety ultimately led to a disaster that could have been easily avoided if PG&E inspected the pipe that failed.  No individuals have been indicted yet.  This office represented two of the families involved in this tragedy.  Although the civil personal injury cases are winding their way through the system, many of the residents feel PG&E has not accepted responsibility and hope the criminal prosecution will finally result in accountability for those responsible for this completely avoidable tragedy.

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