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Honda Sets History Mark: Honda Fined Largest Auto Safety Fine in U.S. by Auto-Safety Regulator

| Jan 9, 2015 | Automobile Defects

After an unforgettable year of air bag defects and ignition switch recalls in the automobile industry, the NHTSA has fined Honda $70 million dollars in what is now the largest fine in US history by an auto-safety agency.  The reason for the fine is that NHTSA found Honda was grossly under-reporting fatal accidents and injuries to the agency.

Click here to read the full New York Times article: Honda Fined for Violations of Safety Law

According to regulators, Honda broke the law in two separate and distinct ways.  First, Honda did not report hundreds of death and injury claims to the agency for the last 11 years.   Second, Honda did not report certain warranty and other claims in the same period.  This data is critical to government agencies identifying future safety defects.  An internal audit found that Honda had not reported 1,729 written claims or notices on injuries or deaths from mid-2003 through mid-2014 —approximately more than half of the report that it did make for that period.  Honda will now have 60 days from December 29 to provide details of the reports they did not previously report and hid from the agency.

In 2014, NHTSA issued more than $126 million in civil penalties, including the $70 million fine against Honda.

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