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Why Are New iPhone 8’s Bursting at the Seams?

| Nov 1, 2017 | Product Liability

The iPhone 8 has finally been released! Is it everything you hoped for? If not, the iPhone X arrives on November 3rd. These two phones represent the best that technology has to offer at the moment, however, the latest and greatest may not always be the safest. Reports are surfacing about the new iPhone, and it may have some smartphone owners feeling a little déjà vu.

Will My New iPhone Burst?

According to reports from Tech Crunch and other sources, Apple is responding to an unexpected set of problems from its iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models. Consumers are saying that their devices are popping open and revealing the phone’s internal circuitry. Many blame the ruination of their brand-new phones on batteries that are expanding and bursting the phone at the seams. At this stage there’s no word on whether this defect is a widespread problem or just a few isolated incidents, but smartphone enthusiasts have seen how easily defects like this can blow up.

Last year, Samsung was broadsided by its product the Galaxy Note 7. The highly technical, well reviewed device, took the market by storm until the batteries of several units overheated and burst into flames. It took a few weeks for the company to admit there was a problem and order a recall. A few weeks after that recall, when the problem wasn’t fixed, the company was forced to kill the product and recall all models.

In the time it took for Samsung to initiate the full recall, vehicles were set on fire by Galaxy Notes, houses and furniture were burned, and some even claimed to have suffered burns thanks to the device. Now, with Apple’s latest device showing signs that it too could have problems, experts are being extra vigilant.

What Should I Do If My Smartphone Is Defective?

Smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone 8 both contain lithium ion battery cells. These batteries are valued for being able to store large amounts of power in a tiny package, however, that can also make these batteries volatile. Phones, toys, and even eCigs that use lithium ion batteries have been known to explode and cause serious burns and injuries. When this happens, product manufacturers can be held responsible for the resulting damages and injuries. Don’t be afraid to contact an experienced personal injury attorney if a product hurts you or a member of your family.

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