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Was a Deadly Venice Beach Crash Avoidable?

| Jul 21, 2018 | Catastrophic Accidents

Five years ago, a man frustrated by a botched drug deal decided to jump the curb and drive down the Venice Beach boardwalk. Not long after, he had plowed into over a dozen people, leaving one tourist dead. Now, the City of Los Angeles is facing the consequences of what many believe was a preventable incident.

Could the Deadly Venice Beach Crash Have Been Avoided?

Bollards positioned along Ocean Front Walk usually prevent vehicles from driving onto Venice Beach and its boardwalk. However, a large gap between the last bollard and the nearest building left enough room for a car. That’s where the man who rampaged down the walk drove onto the popular tourist site, causing havoc.

Since the crash that took the life of an Italian tourist and injured several others, the city has made some changes. Adding temporary bollards, upgrading lights and reinforcing barriers are just a few of those measures. But should these steps have happened sooner?

According to City Councilman Mike Bonin, more than 15 motorists were driving onto Ocean Front Walk every day. This begs the question of why the city didn’t make these safety upgrades before people were hurt.

Rampage victims would later ask the same question and file lawsuits. The City of Los Angeles has since agreed to settle three of those lawsuits for $14 million. And experts say the victims of this incident aren’t the only people falling prey to dangerous conditions around the city. By the end of the budget year, Los Angeles could be paying over $100 million due to lawsuits filed over dangerous conditions. Will the city finally start acting on these hazards before more people are harmed?

Residents and tourists alike will need experienced legal counsel if they are injured by the city’s neglect. You can learn more about these incidents by following the lawyers at The Brandi Law Firm or by contacting us.