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4 dangerous road hazards that can cause accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2022 | Dangerous Road Condition, Personal Injury

If you experience a moving vehicle accident, it is not necessarily the case that you or another driver are to blame. Improperly maintained roads can be host to circumstances outside of a driver’s control.

Personal injuries incurred as a result of defective roads can be the basis of a lawsuit. Familiarizing yourself with common road hazards will prepare you in the event that you experience a moving vehicle accident in California.

1. Potholes

Potholes are a common hazard, particularly along California city roads. Running afoul of a pothole can cause immediate damage to your tires or cause you to lose control of your vehicle long enough for an accident to occur.

2. Missing signage

Weather and stray vehicles can knock down roadside signs. There are also cases in which signs are incorrect or misleading. Negligence in regards to road signage can confuse drivers and see them caught unaware.

3. Uneven lanes

Roads and lanes may become uneven as a result of construction, repaving or geography. While warning signs may be in place for drawing attention to uneven lanes, the circumstances can still be perilous.

4. Oil slicks

Oil finds its way to the road via leaks and large-scale spills. After seeping into the asphalt, the oil may rise to the surface during rainfall or other wet conditions. This makes for slippery conditions that can cause vehicles to spin out of control.

Road hazards exemplify dangerous public property that can cause you serious harm at no fault of your own. Protect yourself by knowing what entity is at fault when a moving vehicle accident occurs.