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Investigating Causes Of Accidents When Car Occupants Are Ejected

A person who is ejected from their car vehicle in an accident is three times more likely to be killed than someone who stays inside the vehicle.

While belted passengers are much more likely to stay inside the vehicle, partial ejections can occur through side windows made of tempered glass, which can easily shatter in a rollover or side-impact accident.

Turn To Our Firm For A Thorough Investigation

We have helped people who have been ejected or partially ejected from their vehicle during an accident sequence as well as family members in fatality cases. Often a person is ejected because of one or more failures besides a traffic violation, including seat belt, seatback or glass failures.

The challenge in these matters is finding the best experts in the nation to reconstruct how the accident sequence occurred and why the occupant was ejected. Sometimes the answer involves the car itself rather than a collision.

We Will Evaluate Your Case Involving An Ejection

The investigative team at The Brandi Law Firm works with the best experts in the country to determine why people were ejected and how it could have been avoided.

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