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Who Is Liable?

The determination of liability in a nursing home abuse or neglect case can be difficult and time-consuming. Knowing that this daunting task looms ahead causes some people to avoid filing suit altogether. Help is available — at The Brandi Law Firm, we focus all of our efforts, resources and knowledge on representing injured people and their families. We can help you determine who is liable for your loved one’s injuries and pursue all possible sources of compensation.

In any nursing home abuse or neglect case, several different parties may be legally responsible for the resulting injuries. Often, a large corporation ultimately owns the facility, but has put it in the name of a subsidiary company; sorting through this red tape will ultimately reveal an insurance company responsible for handling injury claims, but the determination is a difficult one.

The daily operations could be contracted out to yet another company. Nursing homes often rely on temporary agencies to fulfill their staffing needs. If the agency does not perform an adequate criminal background investigation or misrepresents the qualifications of a temp, the agency may be held accountable for the resulting harm. Individual staff members must also be held responsible for their actions.