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Environmental Causes Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sometimes, an investigation will uncover clear evidence that an accident was caused by environmental factors such as weather or issues including defective roadways, insufficient shoulders, a lack of essential dividers between sides of a road, or dangerously constructed intersections.

Our attorneys and experts who contribute to our investigations work hard to build cases designed to recover the maximum available compensation through settlements and verdicts.

Roads, Shoulders, Dangerous Intersections And Lack Of Highway Dividers

When defective roadways cause accidents, we often bring successful claims against government entities responsible for the construction and upkeep of those roads.

Single-car accidents, such as rollovers, are very often the result of environmental defects such as deficient roads, signs and signals. We will discover the cause of your one-car accident and determine whether a person or government agency is responsible.

When a vehicle crosses over into a lane of traffic going the opposite way, horrific crashes may occur. Our accident reconstruction team uses all available evidence to determine the cause of that crossover incident and build arguments in your favor.

When a dangerous intersection causes accidents, the legal road ahead may be complex. Attorney Brandi is a former lawyer for the California Department of Transportation who has contributed many keen insights and helped our firm stand out in major liability cases.

Our Auto Accident Attorneys Are Here To Help

Whether hazards were due to dangerous design, failure to include markings or inadequate visibility, the attorneys at The Brandi Law Firm have the knowledge needed to evaluate dangerous roads, intersections and other environmental aspects of accident scenes.

Learn how we can put evidence to work in your support. Request a free consultation about your motor vehicle accident by calling 888-309-1224 or by sending a message online.