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Man: Accidents Resulting From Errors By Drivers And Other Individuals

Automobile collisions and transit accidents can occur in many different ways. Many serious injuries and deaths occur as the result of the actions or omissions of individuals, such as drivers. An injured party has the right to hold the at-fault driver – or another liable party – responsible.

At The Brandi Law Firm, we recognize that every auto accident case is unique. We are diligent and meticulous in our investigation of every accident to determine who should compensate our client and how to maximize the total financial recovery.

Examples Of Accidents Caused By Individuals

In a great many car vs. car collisions, the cause can be traced to another driver’s traffic violation such as speeding, illegal lane changing, tailgating and wrong-way driving. Getting maximum compensation in such cases normally involves making a claim or filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party’s insurance. Our lawyers achieve many favorable outcomes at the settlement negotiation stage. We keep our clients’ legal opponents aware that we are fully ready to take a case to trial. The opposing insurers often realize correctly that they need to compensate our clients adequately.

Injury incidents involving public transit in and around San Francisco include accidents occurring on or at stops or stations for Muni transit buses, light rail Metro trains, streetcars, electric trolleys and cable cars; Amtrak trains departing from and arriving at the Emeryville station; other long-distance buses, including charter buses, and taxis. Our investigations look into every way to hold operators and, in many cases, their employers responsible.

Injuries to pedestrians are often the result of inattentive drivers. However, there are exceptions. Sometimes other individuals are to blame. Our lawyers consider all angles when pursuing compensation for injured pedestrians or their family members.

When accidents involve uninsured or underinsured motorists – including hit-and-run accidents, an extra-thorough search for all available compensation sources is essential.

Big rig and other types of truck accidents often have complex insurance coverage issues, such as subrogation. We will not let our clients get lost in the shuffle as insurers take turns trying to avoid paying compensation.

Who Caused Your Accident And Injuries? We’ll Investigate.

We are ready to work hard to find out who is liable in your case and pursue an injury or wrongful death claim directed at the right person or organization.

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